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A Unique style is what AD.JUST delivers to visual content by following trends in design and communications. We approach each project with a fresh, comprehensive and sophisticated manner to deliver one-of-the-kind, outstanding video. With an extensive marketing background to make promotional videos work hard to meet and exceed client’s goals, we are the perfect video production company in Los Angeles to help you to promote your brand or your company.


High Standards. Having worked with numerous local and nationwide marketing agencies, TV Channels and top accounts, AD.JUST ensures our whole team dedicated filmmakers know the importance of client deadlines and strives by taking part in creating winning brand strategies. Guidelines, proposal pitches, and strict deadlines are just a part of our culture.

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When you have a business, branding is everything.


A business can only thrive when you have a strong customer base and to achieve that you need to make sure that your brand is recognizable. Therefore, visual marketing is king, and what better way to market yourself than with the power of the moving image? Filmmaking this day and age are leaps and bounds from where it started, and it’s not just feature film, this is true for filmmaking at the commercial level.


AD.JUST is a video agency approaching each project that comes our way with a fresh, comprehensive and sophisticated manner to deliver one-of-the-kind, outstanding videos. With an extensive marketing background to make your online ads and TV commercials work hard to meet and exceed client’s goals, we are the perfect production agency to help you in producing videos that put your company or brand on the next level.

Our Video Services

Bio Schwartz supplements. E-commerce product listing on Amazon

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Amazon Product Videos

AD.JUST has great experience in creating remote, no-travel product videos for brands on Amazon, eBay, Shopify e-commerce platforms.


E-commerce product video production required a systematic approach and deep knowledge of how online sales work in order to produce engaging and selling product ads. Online ads and e-commerce content production needs to offer a great variety of locations that fit the natural environment for the product. As well as a vast pool of talents for product demonstration and voice over artists for professional narration.


AD.JUST is able to provide a safe, 100% remote workflow for custom amazon product video creation as well as a special product offer flat price.

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Kickstarter Videos

AD.JUST is one of the few Los Angeles Video production companies who use its vast marketing experience and creative touch for developing the winning visual approach for your business ideas.


We offer crowdfunding video production services in creating successful IndieGoGo and Kickstarter videos, fundraising videos for startup businesses, business incubator pitches, and corporate proposals.

We also won a Special recognition spot in 10 Best Kickstarter Video Productions, 2018! 

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LUBN, Contactless Property Management

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Branded Video Content

Using branded content has a variety of different ways to help you to outstand the competition with your marketing strategy. Branded Content, Content Marketing, Content Integrations – there are many words to define it, but it’s clear now that multiple brands are in search of branded content integration opportunities more than ever before as branded content offers businesses the opportunity to truly engage with their target audience in a totally new way.

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Cirque Du Soleil and PeopleAre Awesome Collaboration. Branded Content, 2019

Wilson Sports Baseball Premier League. Sports Branded Content Series, 2018-2019

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Branded Sports Videos

AD.JUST is an expert in providing high quality sports branded content, showcasing sports brands, corporate sports sponsorships and PR sports events. We also produce sports social media content, recruiting pieces, live streaming, team/athlete videography, highlights and many other sport-related activities.

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Bello, Digital Mirror. Online Product Commercial. 2019

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Commercial Videos

Nowadays visual marketing is critical for any kind of businesses either small or big. Branded content, commercials, promotional ads, testimonials, infomercials, Youtube videos production or website videos are the greatest tools for the market purpose. This includes building brand awareness, boosting sales, explaining how the product works or promoting any announcements.


According to statistic, marketing videos are one of the most popular communication tools. Well-made commercials will bring you new customers, increase time spent on your website, build trustful and strong relationship between you and your customer.

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Corporate Films

Ad.Just have a wide experience with on-location filming at events and corporate video production in Los Angeles areas. Our team of professionals specialized in event video production is ready to shoot and deliver high-quality footage of your conventions, conferences, on location interviews, event corporate video production, shows, concerts. We also produce Creative Corporate Films with a string storytelling approach.

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AA Metals Corporate Film

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What Do You Get

Planning, permits, talents, locations


We provide the full range of pre-production services in Los Angeles for any commercial productions you may have. Our pre-production package includes general management, setting up meetings, making calls, handling logistics like travel, location and talent scouting, etc.


We offer our hand at the creative side vide production as well, providing props if needed, helping to write up script treatments and storyboards with a free revision thrown in.  It’s like having your own content production department outsourced to the marketing experts.


Production, Filming

Utilizing equipment such as the Canon C300, Black Magic Mini URSA, RED EPIC-W 8K, top of the line audio and lighting equipment, with AD.JUST any project we produce will look like a something you can show on the silver screen.


For the event and corporate film productions, we provide services like green-screen setups, on-location b-roll footage, interviews and testimonials, etc. Being a Los Angeles video production company, our clients can expect up to 8K footage quality for all projects.

Dynamic cuts, modern color grading


Our post-production services include advanced video editing of commercials, event and corporate film productions, ecommerce product videos, etc. We utilize Mac-based editing stations and top of the line post-production software like FCPX, After Effects.


We provide sound design and sound mixing, color grading/ color correction, animation and 2D motion graphics. As one of the post-production studios in Los Angeles, we take quality we provide our clients with very seriously.

About Us

Our Gear

AD.JUST filmmaker team is very happy to announce upgrading their gear to a state of art new RED EPIC-W, 8K camera that can secure the premier Hollywood quality of the productions. Our clients can expect up to 8K footage quality for their e-commerce product videos, commercials, corporate films, and Kickstarters.

Why hire us

Strategy and Creative Thinking

Our team is full of creative minds brainstorming new and inventive ways to turn any project that comes along into one of a kind video production studio. We assist with general strategy approach so it sticks to your brand strategy and main communicational message.

Top-Quality Production

Here in California, filmmaking is all the rage, and the more cinematic the image, the better! No matter how big or small the project, we use top of the line production equipment to produce video worthy of the silver screen. We don’t skimp on quality, which sets us at AD.JUST apart from other video production companies in California.

Professional Post-Production

We understand the importance of diligence in all aspects of production, especially in post-production. Our production agency is meticulous in all phases of filmmaking and editing is not an exception. With an extensive marketing background our post-production experts will make your videos reach a broad audience.

Clients We Work With

Our clients are provided with the most advanced production technologies and the “know-how” of a crew made up by professional Los Angeles videographers. Our method to achieve success goes through an analysis of the most effective formula to present your company and products, designing a winning corporate video production, Los Angeles.


Being the contractors for TOP accounts such as PepsiCo, Mars, Skoda, we bring expertise in both content production and marketing to every project we come across.




USA Network, Fusion.net, MTV, TIMES INC., MEDSCAPE.NET



Los Angeles Filming Locations

Nowadays most of the clients fully rely on your ideas as an expert on the market. Which is exactly why AD.JUST has brought the main office of our productions to Los Angeles.


We reach all popular locations for on-location filming, event and corporate video productions in Los Angeles and Hollywood, including Pasadena and Santa Monica, the Warner Bros. Lot, Point Dume State Beach. If your company is hosting an event in any of these filming locations or any other in the Los Angeles area, our crew will be happy to get high-quality b-roll footage, interviews, clients testimonials.

Contact us if you need production in and around Los Angeles. We would love to schedule an appointment with you to get to know your needs and expectations, to do some location scouting, and then create an amazing visuals for your brand.


Our film crew is ready to meet with you anywhere and everywhere in Los Angeles, we would love to travel to any location such as the Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Point Dume State Beach, Templin Highway, Pasadena, etc.

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