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AD.JUST Video Production is one of the Orlando and Los Angeles Video Production companies with a special passion for promotional video production. We would love to draw your attention to our vast experience in producing TV commercial videos and web promotional videos for top accounts such as PepsiCo, Nike, Skoda, Mars, Marriott, Lego, Cirque de Soleil, Reebok etc.


Nowadays video marketing is critical for any kind of businesses either small or big. Branded content, commercial videos, promotional videos, testimonials, infomercial videos, Youtube and website videos are the greatest tools for the market purposes. Building brand awareness, boosting sales, explaining how the product works or promoting your campaign.


All these formats are the powerful tools for small and medium local businesses to promote their brand on the local market. Using our commercial video production services in Los Angeles and Orlando you will receive a unique video to get people to know more about you. We use all our vast marketing experience to produce one-of-the-kind promotional video helping with your business goals.

Promotional video for boat shot by Adjust Video production in Miami, Florida
Our Services

Promotional Videos for Businesses

According to statistic, marketing videos are one of the most popular communicational tools a business can use to engage its potential customers. Well-made commercial video or brand image video will bring you new customers or increase time spent on your website. It will also build trustful and strong relationships between you and your customer that eventually will result in sales. It can be a great brand image video your websites visitors can watch to get the better idea of what your company stands for.

Our Services

Video Testimonials

Many different types of marketing video productions can be delivered by our company: Promotional video, Commercial spots, Social media video, Product video or Product testimonials.


Video testimonials are the highest converting tools nowadays. They are great in generating emotional connections between potential customers and product. It uses a storytelling as a base and stories of people overcoming issues are especially irresistible. As well as consumers trust user reviews and specifically looking for them on the web.

Client testimonials video production in Orlando
Explainer video production company shooting demo product video in Orlando
Our Services

Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos are excellent resources for breaking down complicated topics of your business and industry compellingly and transparently. Finding the right explainer video production company makes your content stand out.


An explainer video is informative and educational. These videos are so effective because they combine audio and visual stimulus to explain a concept in a simple and understandable way. They increase conversion rates, clarify the objective of your product, and also increase web traffic.

Our Services

Social Media Videos

There’s been an explosion of growth in video on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube in recent years. Views of branded video content on those platforms have increased 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook between 2016 and 2017.


More video is consumed on YouTube than any other social network giving a brand with any video marketing budget an opportunity to be noticed by its audience. Our team always keeps an eye on the latest social media video trends, formats and follows the latest updates.

Social media commercial video frame with man smiling

Commercial Video Works

Lifestyle Promotional Video


Eco Yacht Promotional Video

Client: Greenline

City: Miami


Luxury boat promotional video for Greenline website highlighting one of the most tech-advanced and eco-friendly yacht form the client’s boat range.

Product Launch Video


Smart City E-Bike Commercial Video

Client: SIVRAC

City: Los Angeles


Founded in 2013, a premium brand of electric bicycles in the United States, iMiró sparks a revolution in folding e-bike with its easily-portable design. Fully smart-compatible, the SIVRAC eBike pairs with the proprietary iMiró GO! app, powered by Bluetooth technology.

Brand Image Video


Digital Mirror Promotional Video

Client: Easehold

City: Los Angeles


Brand commercial for a new portable beauty device – Bello Mirror.

Red Epic-W, 8K productions.

Brand Image Video


Motorcycle Throttle Promotional Video

Client: Urmosi

City: Orlando


A promotional video for the new unique motorcycle device, a high-performance ATV throttles, helping riders to have more comfortable rides, especially the long-distance ones.

Promotional Explainer Video

Rapael Smart Kids

Medical Device Commercial Video

Client: Neofect

City: San Francisco


This invention created in Stanford is an ACTIVE HAND rehabilitation device, designed to overcome children disabilities resulted by hemiplegia and other motor challenges.

Mobile App Video


Mobile App Promotional Video

Client: HappyTapp

City: Orlando


“HappyTapp” – A unique mobile app that allows customers to order their favorite snacks and beverages, at their favorite places, with a tap of a finger!

Red Epic-W, 8K Productions

About Us

Our Gear

AD.JUST utilizes filming equipment such as the Canon C 100/C300, Black Magic Mini URSA, drones for aerial footage, top of the line audio and lighting equipment.  Also, our team is very happy to announce upgrading their video gear to a state of art RED EPIC-W, 8K. This camera that can secure the premier Hollywood quality of the video productions. Our clients can expect 4K and even 8K footage quality for their commercial videos, corporate film productions, and Kickstarter videos.

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What Do You Get

Planning, permits, talents, locations


AD.JUST provides the full range of video production services for any commercial film production you may have. Our pre-production includes general management, setting up meetings, handling logistics like travel, location and talent scouting, etc.


We offer our hand at the creative side of video production in Los Angeles as well, helping to write up script treatments and storyboards with a free revision thrown in. AD.JUST can plan it all.


It’s like having your own video production department outsourced to the video marketing experts.


Production, Filming

Utilizing equipment such as the Canon C 100/C300, Black Magic Mini URSA, RED EPIC-W 8K, drones for aerial footage, top of the line audio and lighting equipment, with AD.JUST any project we produce will look like a video you can show on the silver screen.


For the corporate film production, we provide services like green-screen setups, on-location b-roll footage producing, interviews and testimonials, etc. Being a Los Angeles video production company, our clients can expect HD/4K/8K footage quality for all projects from commercial video production to corporate video production.

Dynamic cuts, modern color grading


Our post-production services include advanced video editing of promotional videos, event and corporate video productions, product video, music videos. We utilize Mac-based video editing stations and top of the line video editing software like FCPX, After Effects.


We work with sound design and sound mixing, corporate 2D motion graphics. As one of the post-production studios in Los Angeles, we take quality we provide our clients with very seriously.

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Our Locations

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Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is an ideal location for any video productions including commercial videos. This city offers a great variety of amazing landscapes, as well as countless casting options.

Orlando, FL

Producing your commercial video in Orlando, Florida could help you save budget on permits and location costs. It's another amazing location for promotional video production due to endless summer.

San Francisco, CA

Silicon Valley located near San Francisco attracts a giant number of startups, new entrepreneurs with fresh ideas. Product launch videos, startup pitch videos and explainer video production will always in high demand there.